Ninth Grade School Supplies

Printable Version and Label


#2 Pencils

Pens (Black, Blue and Red Ink)

Highlighters (2)

Box of Colored Pencils


Ruler (marked in inches and centimeters)

Mini-Stapler and Staples

Scientific Calculator



Package of Post-It Notes

Subject Dividers

Graph Paper

Assignment Book/Weekly Planner

3-ring Binder (2”-3”)

Loose-Leaf Paper

Composition Notebook (1)

Pocket Folders (6)

Spiral Notebooks (8)

Index Cards (1 package)

Book Covers (8)

USB Flash Drive (Optional)


* A typical ninth grader is 14-15 years old and needs a larger backpack. Look for backpacks with classic colors and sturdy builds. A medium backpack tends to be 19” x 13” x 10”