Featured Entrepreneur

Featured Entrepreneur

Never Give Up!

Katherine Kimes’ story is one of survival and success. Her message is one can live a productive and fulfilling life after sustaining a brain injury. She believes there is hope and that anything is possible.

For almost 24 years, Katherine has lived with the implications and challenges of a severe traumatic brain injury (TBI) that she sustained as a passenger in a one-car accident when she was 16.  Katherine’s story of hope and recovery is to encourage all the returning veterans, accident survivors and the many athletes and others who have experienced TBI. The motto that she lives her life by is, “Only those willing to go to far will know how far they can go.”  Never give up!  However, despite her so many accomplishments, Katherine believes there is still much more to do. 

Katherine has a Master’s Degree in Transition Special Education with an emphasis in acquired brain injury and she also has a Doctorate in Special Education also with a concentration in acquired brain injury, both from The George Washington University. Dr. Kimes has been published in the field and has presented at various conferences and speaking engagements on the topic of the education of students after brain injury as it relates to promoting cognitive recovery. She has worked as a CSPPPD Service Coordinator and is a Certified Brain Injury Specialist. But as with many other individuals with disabilities, traditional employment opportunities have not been easy to navigate.

Equipped with specialized skills and a positive, “Anything is possible” attitude, Katherine decided it was time to launch her own business dedicated to serving the needs of children with acquired brain injuries (ABI). 

ABI Education Services, LLC, is based in Pittsburgh. www.ABI-EdServices.com, but the services her business’ provides are extended to children/adolescents nationwide. Distance is not a deterrent.  In her consulting business, Dr. Kimes addresses the educational needs of children and adolescents with acquired brain injury (ABI), which includes traumatic brain injury, strokes and concussions.  ABI Education Services, LLC helps to educate professionals, schools, parents, and attorneys on the implications of brain injury on students’ lives. ABI Education Services, LLC provides individualized, educational support so children can prosper in their education after brain injury.  Her business helps to ensure that schools provide these children/adolescents are provided an appropriate education, the special education support and services as guaranteed under the federal law. The underlying message of her business is to ensure that children receive appropriate in-school accommodations, those services and supports that help to elevate a child’s quality of life.

If you would be interested in having your child receive Katherine’s brain injury education specialist support to help improve your child’s educational and cognitive recovery, please contact Dr. Katherine Kimes at KKimes@ABI-EdServices.com. Katherine is also available to present and share her personal story of hope for the future with your group.  Please feel free to contact Katherine or for more information on the types of services her business provides please visit her website, www.ABI-EdServices.com.