Homeward Bound

A Project of Volunteers of America of Pennsylvania

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It is estimated that on any given night in the US, approximately 50,000 veterans are homeless; in Pennsylvania, over 1,475!

 While the federal government has allocated grant dollars to provide temporary rental assistance for veterans; affordable, safe and stable housing options simply do not exist in quantities necessary to meet the needs of this specialized population.  

Last year, Volunteers of America Pennsylvania assisted 120 veterans, through our Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF) program, 90 of whom were homeless. 

We struggled in each case to secure affordable, safe and clean housing at below market rental rates.  Seeing this grossly unmet need in communities across our state, Volunteers of  America has initiated a project called“Homeward Bound” through which we will purchase 150 homes over the next two years.  These homes will provide below market rate rental properties for veterans and their families, who are homeless or  imminently homeless.  

Homeward Bound is designed to provide an affordable housing solution for veterans through the acquisition of properties at base prices from foreclosures and housing authority partnerships.  

This campaign offers you an opportunity to help us help those who fought for our freedoms—a way to say “thank you, we care and you are not alone”.  

We're introducing the 30-30-30 Challenge.  We're asking 10,000 people to donate $30 in 30 days so that we can purchase 30 homes for our veterans.

Please donate between April 1st and April 30th and help buy a home for a veteran and his/her family.