Operation Backpack - Statewide

Grateful Pennsylvania children say

"Thank you for my new backpack."

I have a new backpack, let's take a look
Inside I have a brand new notebook.
There are new Yellow Pencils, #2
They write just what I tell them to.
I like my eraser glowing of pink
Wiping mistakes and helping me think.
I like my ruler straight as a line
and scissors that cut paper so fine
So where are I going?Have you guessed yet?
If you said "back to school" the answer is YES!

Dear friends and supporters of Operation Backpack 2016,

Most of the children served by this program have lots of things to worry about: Where will they be sleeping the night before, will they have clean, appropriate clothes to wear, will they begin their day with food in their bellies, will the other children look at them and notice that they don't have new shoes?

But for the 1000 children served by this year's Volunteers of America 2016 Operation Backpack, they had one less thing to worry about. Instead of facing this day with fear and worry, they were filled with excitement, pride and prepared with the tools they need to get them off to a great start.

Thank you to everyone who took their personal time and money to purchase items for this year's program. I was surprised and amazed at the quantity and quality of the items donated and want you to know that each and every item has beenor is in the process of being distributed to a child.

Thanks again for caring about these children and investing in their future. It means more to them than you know. Backpack.jpg

Diana Faust, Special Event Coordinator


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