Welcome to Volunteers of America of Pennsylvania

Volunteers of America has served the people of Pennsylvania since 1896, the same year our nationwide movement began with the promise to "go wherever we are needed, and do whatever comes to hand."

Willingness. Creativity. Compassion. These underlying values of our founding vision have led Volunteers of America of Pennsylvania to serve others in many different ways.

With our century-old mission "to reach and uplift people," Volunteers of America of Pennsylvania is one of the state's oldest, most diversified and most effective charities.

Working in partnership with local faith congregations, government agencies, businesses, individuals, and other nonprofit organizations, and supported by thousands of individual donors and volunteers, we seek to meet many of the most pressing social needs in the communities we serve.

Our innovative human services directly address the quality of life in Pennsylvania by meeting the material, emotional and spiritual needs of individuals; by strengthening families, and by building healthier, more productive, and more compassionate communities for all of us.