Refer a Participant

Refer a Participant

How do you know if Working Order Incubator can benefit you?

Our variety of services can be invaluable if you:

  • Have a business idea you want to explore and develop
  • Have a talent or skill that better fits self-employment 
  • Have an existing business and need help expanding it
  • Are stalled in your employment search and looking for an alternative
  • Have an employment or entrepreneurial goal and want to see if it really "fits”
  • Need to evaluate your current business skills 
  • Want to learn how to reach your target market
  • Want to develop new skills to meet current market demands
  • Find traditional 9-5 employment demands difficult to meet 
  • Have been downsized and want to explore entrepreneurship as an option 

Do you think you or someone you know might benefit from our services? 
Do you have an ideas you want to explore?

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