What We Do

What We Do

Working Order Incubator helps people with disabilities and others with obstacles to traditional employment, explore the option of creating meaningful work for themselves through entrepreneurship. Business coaching, feasibility planning, shared office space, and equipment as well as sales, marketing, and technical assistance is available for member entrepreneurs.

Over 80 percent of our participants have an disadvantage or disabilities, including physical, cognitive, or mental health disabilities, but our services are available to anyone interested in entrepreneurship.

Living with a disability often means being sidelined from mainstream community life. Working Order Incubator is committed to creating a diverse work community where members are able to develop a varied network of colleagues. The needs of our members, with and without disabilities, are markedly similar.

Working Order Incubator is different from other vocational rehabilitation or micro-enterprise programs. 

At Working Order Incubator we: 

  • Focus on self-employment as an alternative to traditional employment 
  • Serve nondisabled individuals as well as people with disabilities
  • Encourage participation in the mainstream marketplace
  • Provide individualized and intensive coaching, tailored to the needs of each entrepreneur
  • Offer incubator space, facilitating ongoing access to onsite and technical support
  • Offer internet and phone-based coaching
  • Support trial work experience and community assessment, providing individuals with real work experience in their chosen fields
  • Understand assistive technology and disability accommodations
  • Provide a network of colleagues and collaboration with community partners
  • Develop marketing strategies
  • Provide ongoing sales support