Workforce Development

Workforce Development

Pittsburgh Disability Employment Project for Freedom
A business directed training resulting in competitive employment for people with disabilities. The program is a business driven education-to-work program that departs from conventional training programs by reversing the typical model and focusing on the human resource needs of the business community, and then providing a matching training program to prepare candidates to fill these needs.

Working Order a small business incubator, develops and supports entrepreneurship for individuals with disabilities and others seeking to be self-employed. Shared office space and equipment, business coaching, feasibility planning and sales, marketing and technical skills assistance are available to individuals starting their own business or those searching for alternatives to traditional employment.

Click here to read our Workforce Development Program Entrepreneurship Resource Guide.

The Entrepreneurial Resource Directory is a business directory which provides easy access to resources which are available across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for individuals who wish to be self-employed.

This resource is for you if:

  • you are a person with a disability who is interested in starting a small business
  • you are an agency that works with small businesses
  • you are a business which offers products or services to entrepreneurs or
  • you are a potential customer for an entrepreneur with or without a disability.

We hope this resource is helpful for finding and supporting entrepreneurs, for contacting locating services, for generating leads, for finding products and for improving the lives of individuals with disabilities. Please encourage others to add their business and/or service to this directory and please support these businesses.