Youth Empowerment Project of Sharpsburg Scholarship

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Youth Empowerment Project of Sharpsburg Scholarship

Tsion Burch, first scholarship recipient with mentor Paula Zawadski

The Youth Empowerment Project of Sharpsburg's Scholarship fund was established in October 2019, to help committed students bridge the gap between loans and other awards received versus the overall cost of higher education.  Applicants  must have been participants of the Youth Empowerment Project or All of Us Care for at least two years.

The Youth Empowerment Project of Sharpsburg’s Scholarships is a “last dollar” scholarship. It is secondary to all other grants and scholarships. After considering a student’s other scholarships, financial aid (federal, state, and institutional), and any work-study accepted, as well as the determined Expected Family Contribution (EFC), the YEP Fund pays toward the scholar’s remaining education costs. Scholarship amounts are unique to each YEP Scholar, and can vary from year to year. If the scholar meets all requirements, the scholarship is annually renewable up to a maximum of four academic years (8 semesters or 16 quarters).

To learn how you can contribute to this fund, call 412.782.5344.