2023-2026 Strategic Plan


Volunteers of America of Pennsylvania’s (VOAPA) ministry of service is to empower vulnerable communities, families, and individuals through support and resources that lead to health and stability.

Core Values

Person-Centered • Empowering • Community-Based • Responsive

Operating Values

We will work collaboratively and with accountability, effectively serving Pennsylvania, and ensuring representation of the communities and individuals we serve.

Collaborative • Accountable • Representative of the communities we serve • Effective (including outcome-based)

Our Promise to the People We Serve

We promise to provide unconditional care to you. We will provide resources and opportunities that help you increase your capacity for self-efficacy. We promise to treat you with respect and dignity. We promise to be persistent in our commitment to you.

Our Promise to Our Communities

We promise to enhance our local communities by providing or connecting people to valuable social services and resources. We promise to engage in the life of the community, hearing its voice, and creating awareness of VOAPA’s programs and services. We also promise to be there for our neighbors in need.

Our Promise to Our Staff

We promise you will be part of a team with shared values in a culture of service in furtherance of the VOAPA mission. We promise the opportunity for a work environment:

(A) that is inclusive, respectful, and where you have a voice
(B) where your service and contributions are valued
(C) with leadership who supports you in your personal and professional growth

Our Promise to Our Funders

We promise to use your resources to make a difference in the communities and lives of the families and individuals we serve. We promise to be responsible and accountable stewards of your investment and to maximize its impact.

Three-Year Strategic Narrative

In July 2026 as you walk through the upgraded VOAPA sites, you feel welcomed and informed as energized, committed, and long-term employees greet you. The staff are excited to share their recent training and professional development experiences. You hear VOAPA is a sought-after place to work. You are struck by the expanded development strategy involving corporate foundations, grants, planned and estate giving as well as individual and government giving that is thriving due to the excellent reputation and outcomes of the organization. Because of this, VOAPA has been able to grow its family and youth services through expanded partnerships in addition to increased healthcare and housing access. This has boosted awareness of and engagement with VOAPA. You notice that technology has been optimized to streamline the advancement of the mission. As you review the annual report, you recognize the success and growth of VOAPA through the communication of their stories. People share with you their personal stories of how VOAPA has empowered their lives.  It is clear that communities, families, and individuals are healthier because of their collaboration with VOAPA.

Strategic Goals: 2023 – 2026

  1. By June of 2026, VOAPA will have increased staff retention through an increasingly positive workplace culture which includes:
    1. Integrating DEI throughout the organization.
    2. Growing training and professional development, including essential training.
    3. Increasing staff retention by at least 25%.
  2. By June of 2026, VOAPA will increase family and youth, health care, and housing services by at least 10% annually through expanded partnerships.
  3. By June 2026, VOAPA will develop and implement a strategy to strengthen program development through facility and technology upgrades.
  4. By June 2026, VOAPA will be recognized by partners and communities across Pennsylvania as a person-centered organization 
  5. By June of 2026, VOAPA will be fully funded by annual, retained sources and will be growing innovative, pilot opportunities based on new sources of revenue.
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