Fill A Wish List

Host a Collection Drive

Are you interested in hosting a drive for your community’s individuals, youth, and families in need? Whether it is helping veterans and their families, people experiencing homelessness, or children & families, we are always looking for in-kind donations to support those we serve.

You can host a drive alone, with family & friends, community or faith-based groups, or through your business or corporation. It’s easy and fun!

Here’s how:

1. Choose a wish list of items that are needed and located in your service region
2. Share the wish list & recruit community members to participate in your drive (use our online registries or designate a drop-off location)
3. Define a timeframe and drop-off location for your drive
4. Contact VOAPA to arrange to drop off the collected items or ship them directly to our sites!

For more information or to launch collection drive, please contact: 855.202.4741

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