Gifts of Stock

Gifts of Stock and Mutual Funds

Contributing appreciated securities that have been held long term can be an inexpensive way to support Volunteers of America of Pennsylvania.

Much like cash, gifts of stock are tax deductible at full fair market value if held for a year and a day. The donor is not taxed on long-term capital appreciation.

Volunteers of America benefits from the full current value of these gifts, and neither Volunteers of America nor you are required to pay capital gains tax.

If your donated securities are used to fund a charitable trust or gift annuity there may be estate and gift tac advantages as well.

Shares that pay low dividends, shares you believe have reached their maximum price, or shares you want to eliminate from your portfolio for other reasons are welcome by Volunteers of America and make perfect choices for contribution.

To make such a gift, do not sell the stock and donate the proceeds, as this will jeopardize your tax benefits. Instead, notify your broker of your intention and contact our office.

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