Give IRA Income

A New Tax Incentive for IRA Gifts!

Did you know you can make a gift to Volunteers of America of Pennsylvania with a distribution directly from your IRA? This is a wonderful opportunity for our donors who want to make a charitable gift from their retirement assets. 

The “Charitable IRA Rollover Gift” enables you to use IRA distributions as gifts to Volunteers of America without creating new income to report or taxes to pay. To qualify for an IRA rollover gift that is federal and state income tax-free:

You must have attained the age of 70 1/2 or older to make your gift from a traditional IRA or Roth IRA.
The transfer must go directly from your IRA administrator to Volunteers of America of Pennsylvania. When you make a gift in this way, you can avoid taxes on the distribution to Volunteers of America. 
The maximum amount you can transfer each year is $100,000 per taxpayer.

If you choose, the gift from your IRA can even be used to satisfy annual IRA minimum distribution requirements.

Making an IRA gift is easy. Simply contact your IRA administrator and notify our office of your plans so we can ensure proper transfer and receipting of your gift.

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