Master Leasing Program

Unique challenges require unique solutions.

Volunteers of America of Pennsylvania knows housing plays a significant role in the recovery process.  By ensuring a consumer is safe and in a place he/she chooses and can afford, that consumer can better manage his/her illness, employ coping skills, prevent relapse and make progress toward recovery.  Housing provides a secure base, which can lead to independence, empowerment, improved relationships, and a sense of control and hope.  Through the Master Leasing Program, the intent is to support an individual’s potential for recovery. 

In partnership with Luzerne County Mental Health Services, Luzerne County Mental Health Court, and Public Defender’s office the Master Leasing Program offers safe, affordable housing options to those individuals with serious and persistent mental illness or substance abuse issues who are incarcerated and expected return into the community. Individual housing options may not be otherwise available due to legal difficulties and costs. 

The Master Leasing Program receives referrals from the Mental Health Court and the Public Defender’s office.  The Housing Specialist works closely with the individual along with the legal system, landlords, housing authorities, counseling agencies (mental health, substance abuse, financial) and other human services providers in order to assist the individual in successfully achieving self-sufficiency and independence in the community. 


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