Master Leasing Program

Unique challenges require unique solutions.

luzerne county

Master Leasing provides up to two years of supported housing to individuals experiencing persistent mental illness in addition to criminal justice involvement. Referrals must be made by a mental health provider.

The Master Leasing supportive housing program is dedicated to serving individuals who are often deemed the most difficult to house. Master Leasing offers housing and wrap-around supportive services to individuals who are diagnosed with severe and persistent mental health concerns with co-occurring criminal justice involvement and housing instability. Master Leasing works closely in conjunction with Luzerne County’s Specialty Court Programs. Our scattered-site units are in safe locations, are affordable, and are completely furnished for the individuals who will reside there. Supported housing through the program is time-limited to two years. A dedicated Case Manager provides tenant support, landlord mediation, and personalized case management services. Participants in the program engage in life skills development to take over the lease for the unit they reside in upon completion of the Master Leasing program and sustain permanent housing of their own. 

Program Eligibility:

You may be eligible for Master Leasing if you are experiencing housing instability and are experiencing co-occurring severe mental illness and criminal justice involvement. Referrals must be made by a mental health provider. For more eligibility information, call 570.825.5261 ext. 3 or 855.202.4741.

Service Area: Luzerne and Wyoming Counties

Program Services:

  • Direct housing with income-based rental payments (rent payments start at 30% of income gradually increasing in 6-month increments)
  • Utility assistance, furnishings, and household supplies provided
  • Personalized case management, referrals, and housing planning
  • Life skills development including budgeting, cooking skills, housekeeping, social skills, etc.
  • Direct support including transportation, food bank access, personal care supplies, etc.
  • Landlord and tenant mediation support
  • Landlord incentives for engagement
  • All supportive services delivered at zero cost
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